beyond evolution

the spiritual embodiment process of the ASCENDING HUMAN experience and how to get there

inspired by the teachings of the higher dimensions of the ANUNNAKI

with universal teachings from the human ZERO POINT field

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Are you living your purpose to the fullest?

Living your purpose in its highest form doesn’t just mean having the right job or dream business or finding the one task in life. Not exclusively, belonging to a certain environment with values ​​that you want to live by. Above all, it is something that gives you deep meaning and inner satisfaction in everything your life is focused on and has an evolutionary impact. In everything you experience NOW. In the relationship with yourself, with others and with those with whom networks are built and designed.

Why should human DNA be healed?

A large part of our thinking, feeling and doing comes from the neuronal activities and the memory of our cellular memories in the subconscious. Our inner programs influence our spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical well-being and creativity. Our consciousness draws on memories from our conscious experience, but also from the experience of our ancestral line over several generations. Hidden in the DNA you find your terms of your survival, love and success programs. On an energetic level, optimizing your DNA means freeing yourself from the baggage of experience. This includes multidimensional decoding what I offer with my program BEYOND 5D. Inner freedom enables us to truly see unlimited potential and leads us to a life that truly exploits human potential. As awareness increases, more and more people have the need to understand the origin of human DNA and synchronize it with a higher field of origin.


With the term HUMAN MYSTICUS I am talking about a person who joins the path of multidimensional expansion of consciousness from „Homo Conscious“ to „Homo Mysticus“. The HUMAN MYSTICUS develops a deep understanding of the spiritual laws that govern the universe and brings the areas of life personality, relationships and business into alignment with these principles. A soulpreneur is a HUMAN MYSTICUS when he not only strengthens his professional activities with his soul and heart connection, but also opens the inner and outer design and leadership to the mystical field and cooperates with the laws of nature and higher levels of consciousness.

Extraterrestrial truth or science as the only truth?

Is the creation of human DNA based on evolution and genetic inheritance only? Or are there crucial things in our pre-biblical history that are still hidden? For a long time I was an advocate of science and closed to the mystical – until, through the wonders of quantum theory, I experienced and witnessed change through pure intention, telepathy and frequency change and learned various ways to access knowledge from the universal field between dimensions.

In this book I talk about things that many researchers confirm, in a language and delivery that concerns what really matter to us – our and the life of all ancestors including all devine forms of life to which we are connected. I provide intensive insights from an interview with the Anunnaki – those known to have influenced human civilization and controlled human genetic development.  A book that describes the spiritual embodiment process of the ascending human experience and how to get there.

your benefit


An evolutional symbiosis of WISDOM, transferred to the field of PURPOSE, SELF WORTH  in PERSONAL LIFE and BUSINESS.

SPECIAL: including a deep SELF-COACHING reflection that supports you to sychronize the MULTIDIMENSION of your inside-out world

Can interstellar cocreation lead to UNITY and universal PEACE? 

We find many cultures with different states of consciousness and needs – globally AND cosmically.

There are ways we learned to ensure our survival, relationship bondings and our success. What we have in common – we trust the way we learned it since we can calculate the expecations, grow better and expand according to systems. There have been winners and losers forever. 

A shift in consciousness changes the whole game. 

We already do but particulary have to  cooperate on a new basis and a common purpose that does not promote resource abuse, but rather RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION. And while trading is already happening we also have to talk about resources that are not always visible because they are the result of feelings of a certain frequency. The frequency of the Big Bang formation. The unlimited potential of ZERO POINT energy. An energy that vibrates above normal zero.

Find out in the book how the Anunnaki and other universal power support us and what we can do when self-optimization becomes a memory. 

TOPICS you will learn about: 


  • Why the feeling of belonging is the most important need before you think about fulfilling other desires
  • Why and how spiritual experiences give you deep basic spiritual trust, belonging, gratitude and security for your healthy human evolution
  • How to harmonize the consequences of childhood emotional neglect or rejection by rooting in a higher sense of belonging
  • How the perspective outside of Earth distances you from trauma experiences and initiates healing
  • What the common purpose and desire of everyone in the universe is and why interstellar cooperation can be the next evolutionary step
  • Who the actors are in our planetary system and what changes the Earth may be facing
  • Why the Anunnaki want to cooperate with humans and why humans are a transformation magnet in the universe
  • How you can awaken your higher purpose from a change of perspective and new emotional experience and act from higher virtues and potential
  • Under what conditions you should interact with other dimensions
  • How to activate your spirit to increase the frequency of the HUMAN MYSTICUS



human mysticus

the spiritual embodiment process of the ASCENDING HUMAN experience and how to get there